What Our Clients Say

“Deb brings an excellent knowledge of process and business methods to her experience in healthcare.  The result is a unique set of qualifications that have helped achieve great results in workflow analysis and redesign of outpatient care.  We have also used Deb to assist in project management with similar results.”  ~Mark Pierce, MD

“Deb Miller came to work with me as a result of a major corporate merger.  We had a migration from multiple systems to a single platform dealing with very high profile individuals which in our case, required extensive project planning and communication nationwide.  Deb was not only professional, but detail oriented and without exception, met or exceeded all deliverables.  Through the term of this project and numerous subsequent projects, she provided not only the intellectual capital, but also demonstrated the leadership needed to meet significant challenges.”  ~Steve Mumby, Lincoln Financial Advisors

“Deb facilitated a process of identifying and defining job related performance factors that we would use to measure our employee performance.  Deb met with our supervisors and department heads several times here on site.  Through this comprehensive process, we were able to develop a very much improved performance evaluation system.  In fact, in our December of 2004 annual employee survey, the category that improved the most from the previous year was the Performance Evaluation.  I attribute this increase in satisfaction to the new system that now better matches the actual job requirements and is easier to implement.”  ~Ray Young, Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority

Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council called on Deb’s expertise for the initial design statement for our envisioned Leadership and Learning Center.  She facilitated staff and volunteer discussions that essentially translated a very complex organization into a document that guided architectural design.  Deb’s understanding or organizational dynamics, her facilitation skills, and her extraordinary ability to communicate were key factors in the success of this project.”  ~Sherri Weidman, CEO

“There is only one word to describe Deb Miller – Awesome.  She redefines the phrase “Giving it 110%.”  Her dedication to our project, communication between the customer and us and ability to analyze complex problems and break them down into their components was unparalled.  She quickly researched and learned topics that were initially outside her knowledge base, never missed a deadline and her rapport with our customer was outstanding.  She has an excellent knowledge of computers and their applications, plus her ability to ‘think outside the box’ tohelp us achieve our goals/milestones made our project a success.”  ~Dan Underberger, MD, SVP, Chief Medical Officer, Peminic, Inc.

“I just wanted to share how great I thought the presentation was, your generosity in sharing the information, and how well it was delivered.  It was very concise, and very user friendly.  I think the statistics you used really told the story, not only did you give the high level information, but you really talked about the tools and the necessary actions to take to be more successful.”  ~Kathy Schrock, IVY Tech Community College

“Thanks for a wonderful class.  You were a wonderful facilitator of some great discussions.”  ~Robert Zueck, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center

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