Assess People

We are proud to be a Leadership Management Institute franchise partner.  LMI provides assessment tools that have helped employers of all sizes and in a myriad of industries achieve greater growth, profitability, and improved product and service quality.

Why Test?

To effectively manage its human capital, an organization needs to have as much information as possible.  Unfortunately, the employee selection and management process is too often clouded by subjectivity and incomplete information to be as effective as it could be.

Testing applicants and employees can clear the air by providing the following benefits:

  • Reveals an individual’s true talents
  • Clear basis for comparison with other candidates
  • Comparison of abilities with those required by the job
  • Questions to ask in an interview
  • Introduces objectivity into the selection process
  • Evidence of due diligence in the event of litigation
  • Ability to benchmark successful performers
  • Basis for developing specific training and development programs
  • Insight for managers to know how to best manage subordinates


The assessments we offer are accurate, job-related tools for pre-employment selection as well as performance improvement and employee development.  These assessments have been validated and enjoy more than 40 years of continuous use in a business environment with no findings of adverse impact.  In these 40 years of use, the assessments we provide have been reviewed by both the EEOC and the OFCCP in the course of their field audits of employers using our assessments.  The EEOC has stated that they find nothing discriminatory about the use of these assessments.  After reviewing the Reliability and Validity data for the assessments, the OFCCP stated that these assessments meet or exceed the OFCCP’s requirements.

The premier assessment offered by LMI, the Achiever, encompasses 6 mental aptitudes, 10 job related personality dimensions and two validity scales.  The Achiever provides concrete, job related feedback by comparing an individual’s scores to the requirements for success in a specific job within each employer.  The Achiever is administered online with results available to the employer immediately upon completion.

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Performance Appraisals

LMI offers a unique online Performance Appraisal system that provides customizable Performance Appraisal templates to make the Performance Appraisal process more effective and significantly easier to implement.  Through the unique Performance Appraisal web driven system, employers log on and compile the templates that fit their needs and then conduct performance appraisals from the employer’s confidential web account.