The Performer

The Performer is an assessment for entry level and basic hourly jobs. The Customer Service Performer is for customer service oriented jobs in hospitality, retail, food service, etc. The Production Performer is for distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, trucking, delivery, etc.

The Performer is an assessment which can be completed directly on a PC, allowing the interviewer to score the responses and produce the report.  It can also be completed on paper with the interviewer scoring and producing the report via the Internet.

The Performer assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete and contains:

  • 28 questions which measure the individual’s math skills, i.e., addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • A numerical and perceptive assessment to determine the accuracy of an individual in identifying matching numbers, symbols, and signs
  • Direct admission questions regarding prior drugs, alcohol, and theft on the job.
  • Ten personality (behavioral) traits which provide the following information:
    • Energy and drive level
    • Integrity, dependability, and reliability
    • Personal organizational skills
    • Ability to meet and deal with people
    • Level of self-esteem and ego
    • Assertiveness level and willingness to take direction
    • Level of team spirit versus being individualistically competitive
    • Level of mental toughness
    • Ability to ask questions and probe
    • Desire for job security versus recognition on the job

The Performer report contains:

The narrative segment which explains the individual’s math skills, numerical and perceptive ability, direct admissions regarding theft, alcohol or drug use, and the individual’s traits in each of the ten personality dimensions.

A graphic matrix comparing the individual scores to thedesirable benchmarks for the job.

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