Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
Planning Boot Camp

An Interactive, 6-day, 36-hour Boot Camp to Expand and Enhance Business Continuity Capabilities

About This Boot Camp

Workshops on Emergency Planning and Business Continuity often concentrate on theory and practices, but this Business Continuity Planning Boot Camp is designed to help you write an actual plan for your organization.  The instructor will interact with you to help you develop your individual plan components.  This Boot Camp will concentrate on the actual nuts and bolts of what it takes to write emergency action plans and comprehensive business continuity plan components.

Participants are encouraged to submit one plan section from their existing emergency management plan prior to the date of the Boot Camp for use, discussion, and futher development during the sessions.  If you do not have a plan yet, you can start to develop one while you complete this program.

The instructor will walk you through the process for organizing and consolidating existing policies, procedures, and protocols into a comprehensive business continuity plan document.  You will also receive handouts and digital files which will provide you with take-home information and facilitation as you continue to develop your document beyond the Workshop.

Throughout this Boot Camp, you will be facilitated by the instructor to work together in developing consensus opinions on particular plan components for each of your plan document sections.

Participants in this Boot Camp should bring a laptop computer with Microsoft Word, and have access to operational plans, organizational charts, strategic initiatives and other items to assist with the development of their emergency management planning.

A Business Continuity Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all attendees upon conclusion of the Workshop.

What You Will Learn

  • What belongs in a business continuity plan
  • How the plan is best organized
  • How to consolidate your existing policies, procedures, and contact lists into a finished comprehensive business continuity plan
  • How to develop consensus while you develop the plan
  • How to consolidate and organize emergency contact information for use in an emergency (detailed instructions will be provided).
  • How to maintain, update, and distribute the final plan document

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals tasked with:
    • Writing a business continuity plan for their organization
    • Emergency or disaster operations in their organizations
    • Making their companies compliant to C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terriorism)
    • Making their companies compliant to any mandatory planning standard (e.g. NFPA, NASD)
    • Interested in developing crisis and/or emergency management plans for an organization
  • Department Heads tasked with developing Emeergency Action Procedures for their departments within an organization

Basic Agenda

Day 1 – Module 1:  Introduction to Business Continuity

  • What is Business Continuity and BC planning?
  • Identifying your planning needs, drivers, and compliance parameters

Day 1 – Module 2:  For What Should You Plan

  • Defining all hazards planning, the emergency levels and level of response
  • Discussing plan activation triggers and assessing your organization’s vulnerabilities

Day 2 – Module 3:  Plan Introduction – Document Components & Sections

  • Plan document design and formatting
  • Plan body and sections
  • Elements for developing NFPA or NASD complaince

Day 2 – Module 4:  Plan Body – Document Components & Sections

  • Plan document design and formatting
  • Plan body and sections

Day 3 – Module 5:  Review, Discussion & Organization of Plan Components

  • Draft plans developed by workshop participants in Modules 1 through 4 of the Workshop

Day 3 – Module 6:  Emergency Operations Center

  • Writing an EOC Plan

Day 4 – Module 7:  Emergency Action Plans

  • Writing a generic Emergency Action Plan

Day 4 – Module 8:  National Alert Levels

  • Adopting, customizing and implementing the “National Alert Levels” to your organization

Day 5 – Module 9:  Emergency Communications

  • Developing the Emergency Communications section of your BCP
  • Developing your Communication Trees and Contact Database
  • Developing a Communications Plan

Day 5 – Module 10:  Analyzing and Adjusting the Plan Components

  • Draft plans developed by workshop participants in Modules 7 through 9 of the Workshop

Day 6 – Module 11:  Packaging the BCP

  • Organizing the BCP elements developed during the Workshop
  • BCP packaging, printing, distribution, and updating
  • BCP presentation

Day 6 – Module 12:  Training and Exercise

  • How to train your employees
  • How to exercise your BCP


Boot Camps will be limited to no more than 15 people to allow for adequate analysis and discussion of the topics.

Registration includes books, materials, and refreshments.

We also offer in-house Boot Camps and/or assistance with the development of business continuity plans.  Additional disaster recovery or business continuity testing/training programs are available.

Contact us:

Deborah C. Miller – 260.436.5064

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