Identify, demonstrate and decrease waste by using Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping. With expert facilitation these powerful tools uncover the true state of your processes, allowing you to identify the best opportunities to reduce costs and make improvements. This method guarantees a rapid return on investment!

This proven methodology provides a cost and schedule analysis for you to see where the most significant process improvement can be made.

What is Process Mapping?

A method of defining exactly what a process does, who is responsible, to what standard a process should be completed and how the success of the process is determined.

What is Value Stream Mapping?

A method of defining exactly what the total business entity does, (often including vendors/suppliers and other related parties) who is responsible for each area, to what standard these processes should be completed and how the success of the business is determined.

When To Use Process Mapping or Value Stream Mapping:

  • Before purchasing or implementing new software programs
  • Before or during implementing Lean practices
  • Before mergers or acquisitions
  • Before seeking ISO and other certifications
  • Before hiring additional staff
  • Before deciding to move to a larger facility
  • Before building a new facility
  • During the creation of workforce training programs

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