Value Stream, Process Maps

There are some valuable tools available to you to help identify the right course of action for your organization–Value Stream and Process Mapping.  These are methods used to define, study and critique how work flows through your organization and is based on a simple premise:

Every organization uses a process to get the work done

Value stream maps are not just a management tool; it is a proven process for planning the improvements that will allow your organization to become Lean.  The Value Stream Map is a storyboard of your organization.  It provides:

  • A structured process to follow
  • Team recognition and ownership from beginning to the end
  • Management review and reporting
  • A good form of visual communication
  • Method to reflect changes and updates as they occur
  • Clear and concise communication about expectations, actual work and information flow

Process Maps delve more deeply into individual processes and can be quite detailed.  The Value Stream maps are more global, the process maps are more functional.