5 Ways to Fire Up Your Team

#5 Share the information you have about the project with your team and invite them to give suggestions or feedback. It is their project; they should know the circumstances and limitations surrounding the project.  Providing opportunities for every team member to engage encourages a sense of ownership.

#4 Spot the motivators within your team and invest in them. These are the people that put a spark in the atmosphere, and actively compel others to show the same energy. Their enthusiasm is an ambient motivator for the rest of the team.

#3 Go to lunch. Invite individual team members out to lunch, discuss trivial things as well as work related matters and enjoy getting to know this person. You will be amazed at the fresh ideas that come from employees who experience being truly valued. Have team lunches as well.  “Breaking bread” together is an opportunity to enhance professional relationships and strengthen the team.

#2  Celebrate milestones. Projects are divided into phases; a good PM motivates the team by recognizing the milestones within the project. Plan these celebrations ahead of time to encourage team members with something fun to look forward to. Get creative with these celebrations; (here are a few “out of the box” suggestions)
–    Office dodge ball
–    Pitting the junior members against the senior members in a game
–    Bake off
–    Lunch with a board game or something similar
Whatever you choose … make it fun!

#1 Be the change you are seeking.
When a team member comes to you with a problem be positive in your analysis, seek the solutions together or find ways to encourage that person to work it out. Rolling up your sleeves to help a team member encourages others with deeds and goes further than any words ever could.

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